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Faculty Teaching FAQ's

The commitment is typically one semester. Some faculty have opted to teach for a full year or to return for a second semester. This depends on your personal desires and departmental needs.

The International Campus of Zhejiang University is located in the city of Haining, which is in the Zhejiang Province in southeast China. The International Campus is about 2 hours away from the Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG).

Generally, a Business visa (F Visa) is issued for those associated with academic endeavors in China. The visa is issued through the Chinese consulate in Chicago (nearest one). The Partnership office in the College of Engineering will help you obtain your visa.

Usually the Business visa (F Visa) allows multiple entries so that you can travel in and out of the country. During the breaks at the Institute when you are not scheduled to teach, you may go in and out of the country.

There are furnished residential college apartments available for those staying long-term. These afford many amenities; reception desk, partially furnished kitchens, washer/dryers and cleaning services.

The course load is two courses or two sections of one course, depending on the needs of Zhejiang University/UIUC Institute. The courses/sections are determined in coordination with ZJUI, the Partnership office, and the relevant Departments.

There are some breaks in the teaching schedule in Haining, so you will be able to travel during those breaks; the program will allow for 2 round trip tickets between the US and China. You may use one of them for this purpose. All other trips are at your own expense. View the academic calendar

Yes, some faculty have brought their families to Haining to live with them while on assignment there, and it has been a successful stay for them and their families. English-language instruction options exist for school-aged children at an International School in the nearby city of Tongziang (Yeh Wah International Education School). The Partnership office can put you in touch with those who have brought their families with them to learn about their experience.

You will remain on the University of Illinois payroll while you are in Zhejiang and you will receive a dislocation allowance for the time you are there.

Usually the teaching load in Zhejiang will satisfy your teaching responsibility for the academic year or semester you are there. This is a decision made by your department and will be made before you officially agree to exchange.